Gran Maestro condena hechos racistas ocurridos en Estados Unidos

Ante la gravedad de los hechos racistas ocurridos en los Estados Unidos de América  durante los últimos días, el Gran Maestro de la Gran Logia de Chile, Luis Riveros Cornejo, envió una nota al Presidente de las Universidades Públicas de EE.UU. (APLU), Peter McPherson, en la que apoya y se suma a la rotunda declaración condenatoria que emitió este organismo público. Ambas notas, son reproducidas íntegramente, en su idioma original.

Nota del Profesor Peter MacPherson. Presidente de APLU.

“We strongly condemn white supremacist, neo-Nazi, and other hate
groups that aim to advance their warped worldview through racist,
anti-Semitic, and homophobic rhetoric and actions. Sadly, these fringe
groups – whose odious views are rooted in demeaning lies and false
stereotypes – still find followers in the dark recesses of society.

“Precisely because public universities are and always must remain
committed to free speech, hate groups have aimed to turn campuses into
flashpoints. What’s more, public universities have a large number of
students who may well protest hate speech. Hate groups know their
demonstrations, including violent ones, can and do spark a spectacle
and ultimately draw attention to their hateful views.

“Still, we must denounce their hateful rhetoric. The First Amendment
is not just a right. It’s also a responsibility. We must speak out
against evil, hateful beliefs through free speech of our own that
advances the shared American value of equality. The struggle against
hate will only be won through education and public understanding.”
Prof. Peter MacPherson
President APLU

Nota del Gran Maestro, Luis Riveros Cornejo.

Dear President McPherson:

As the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Chile, I stand firmly behind
your statement that strongly condemns hate groups. Ihad thought that
these perverse fringe groups had diminished progressively and almost
waned; little did we know that the members were smoldering in what you
have called "the dark recesses of society",

We applaud your statement and present our inequivocable adherence to
its content.

May the Great Architect of the Universe help us to preserve the
freedoms that our respective constitutions have granted us.  It is now
for us to defend these rights against the onslought of hate groups
whose troubled minds have led them down a dangerous and unacceptable

Please convey to all APLU members that thousands masons in Chile stand
strongly behind the freedom of expression that is enshrined in our
Constitutions and that everyone, has the right to "life, freedom,
fraternity and the persuit of happiness".

Congratulations Prof. McPherson for your guidance and high task of leadership.


Prof. Luis A. Riveros
Grand Lodge of Chile


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